Albariño Grows on Long Island’s North Forth Thanks to Miguel Martin

Miguel with Barrel

We first met Miguel when he joined our group for dinner on our first culinary adventure to the Hamptons. Miguel is the winemaker at Palmer Vineyards, located on the North Fork of Long Island. He paired his north fork wines with the delicious south fork dinner prepared by the chef at the Bridgehampton Inn. Miguel’s passion and talent for winemaking is inspirational and the proof  is in the wines. The big surprise for me was the albariño. It’s no accident. Miguel is from Spain and he began making wine in Spain in 1989.  He shared that the weather patterns on the North Fork are very similar to Galicia where the grape is originally from.  Miguel answered a few of other questions:

How did you become a winemaker?
Influence of my dad. He showed me that wine is just more than a drink. It’s food. It’s to be shared with family and friends.

What do you love about making wine?
Every year is different and every year you have the opportunity to create new wines.

Why did you choose Palmer Vineyards to work at when you could be making wine anywhere in the world?
Making wine in Long Island is challenging and I like that. You never know kind of weather you are going to have come harvest time.

How does North Fork differ from South in terms of wine or making wine?
The North Fork is a bit warmer and more suitable to grow grapes. However there is very little difference on the soil composition.

If you’d like to meet Miguel and have a chance to share a meal and drink his wine, come join us on our Hamptons culinary adventure from Oct. 24th to the 27th!  Email us at

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